The Endless Chase

How do I relieve your doubt? Help you feel the love I feel? Reciprocated passion Desiring you ’till time ceases. I risk my sanity And give you all Oh, me… I’ve never been all in. Always one step behind Keeping a watchful eye And still blindsided by deceit. I forego it all for you. IContinue reading “The Endless Chase”

Distant Dreams

Slumber subsides, Giving way to thoughts of you. Are they dream carryovers? The continuation of a unconscious play Fighting its way into the living world? Who cares? The show must go on. I, sitting on a couch, Hold you sitting on my lap, Your legs thrown sideways With your arms around my neck. The fingersContinue reading “Distant Dreams”

Ash (Sidlak Poetry)

Follow me. Chords strum together. I send them all on their way. The ember catches the final shreds. Ash. -SMW- I’ve never heard of Sidlak before tonight. I enjoyed attempting to write something in that manner. The basic structure is a 3 – 5 – 7 – 9 – Color. It was fun; something newContinue reading “Ash (Sidlak Poetry)”