Love In Ten Lines

I was scrolling a few evenings ago when I stumbled upon an interesting challenge posted by taehreh; write a poem about love in ten lines.  She wrote a beautiful poem, which you can read here.  I nearly forgot, but realizing that it is National Poetry Month jogged my memory. I took a bit of aContinue reading “Love In Ten Lines”

I No Longer Mattered (First Draft)

This isn’t my best work. It definitely requires refinement. However, on occasion, the pen starts moving and the raw emotion pours forth. I don’t think I’ve opened the spigot yet, not at full capacity, but you oftentimes have to let the rust and shit spew before the water comes out clean. I’m no world-renowned poet,Continue reading “I No Longer Mattered (First Draft)”

The Endless Chase

How do I relieve your doubt? Help you feel the love I feel? Reciprocated passion Desiring you ’till time ceases. I risk my sanity And give you all Oh, me… I’ve never been all in. Always one step behind Keeping a watchful eye And still blindsided by deceit. I forego it all for you. IContinue reading “The Endless Chase”

Total Darkness

Light scatters Running from the horizon Highlighting my every flaw and sin Blinding all in its wake Look down and see the loathsome Lusting for the love Craving the satisfaction That only soul compatibility can provide The world burns around me Destroying the innocent And innocence Until the darkness prevails. Passions lying dormant Peer intoContinue reading “Total Darkness”