A Friend Gone, A Heavy Heart

What’s the right way to pay tribute? Is it a post? Is it a picture? A poem? How should it be done… and done properly? I don’t need the condolences or attention, but I think it appropriate to say something. The world is rife with hate, but when you lose someone you bonded with, evenContinue reading “A Friend Gone, A Heavy Heart”

Ash (Sidlak Poetry)

Follow me. Chords strum together. I send them all on their way. The ember catches the final shreds. Ash. -SMW- I’ve never heard of Sidlak before tonight. I enjoyed attempting to write something in that manner. The basic structure is a 3 – 5 – 7 – 9 – Color. It was fun; something newContinue reading “Ash (Sidlak Poetry)”