A Friend Gone, A Heavy Heart

What’s the right way to pay tribute? Is it a post? Is it a picture? A poem? How should it be done… and done properly? I don’t need the condolences or attention, but I think it appropriate to say something. The world is rife with hate, but when you lose someone you bonded with, evenContinue reading “A Friend Gone, A Heavy Heart”

Peak Into Darkness

Violent breath Short bursts My heart’s bound to explode Pressure build and body aches Brain waves idled in panic Sweat stains and the sound drains Save for the beating in my skull Muscle twitch and psyche itch My lungs burn in revulsion No use Self abuse Drink to bring the ebb Relief is slow NorContinue reading “Peak Into Darkness”

Ash (Sidlak Poetry)

Follow me. Chords strum together. I send them all on their way. The ember catches the final shreds. Ash. -SMW- I’ve never heard of Sidlak before tonight. I enjoyed attempting to write something in that manner. The basic structure is a 3 – 5 – 7 – 9 – Color. It was fun; something newContinue reading “Ash (Sidlak Poetry)”