Riga, Latvia

I had the recent pleasure of visiting Riga.



Total Darkness

Light scatters
Running from the horizon
Highlighting my every flaw and sin
Blinding all in its wake

Look down and see the loathsome
Lusting for the love
Craving the satisfaction
That only soul compatibility can provide

The world burns around me
Destroying the innocent
And innocence
Until the darkness prevails.

Passions lying dormant
Peer into the approach
As the twilight dissipates
And depth ceases at plane.


Peak Into Darkness

Violent breath
Short bursts
My heart’s bound to explode

Pressure build
and body aches
Brain waves idled in panic

Sweat stains
and the sound drains
Save for the beating in my skull

Muscle twitch
and psyche itch
My lungs burn in revulsion

No use
Self abuse
Drink to bring the ebb

Relief is slow
Nor does it stop the flow
Of my enthralled mind’s worry