I’m writing you from a train rolling through the countryside in Northern Italy. I’ve just spent the last two days in Rome, and found myself sad when leaving the historic city this morning. It felt like you were getting an in-person history lesson each time you walked out of a door or turned a corner.Continue reading “Deviazione”

A Friend Gone, A Heavy Heart

What’s the right way to pay tribute? Is it a post? Is it a picture? A poem? How should it be done… and done properly? I don’t need the condolences or attention, but I think it appropriate to say something. The world is rife with hate, but when you lose someone you bonded with, evenContinue reading “A Friend Gone, A Heavy Heart”

What Does It Mean?

What does it mean to be an American? What is this assimilation you speak of? Why should there be no African- American, Mexican- American, Latin- American, Italian- American, and so forth? What cultures are we canceling so everyone can be “American?” Why are my Cajun roots subject to scrutiny if I say I’m part AcadianContinue reading “What Does It Mean?”